The Cricketary Tales of Jeffrey Jawser
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A Whale of a Tale

"No, no, you can't tell a story about a school," protested the whale. "You already laid your eggs, honey. How many tales do you have? We all have one tale, why should you have two? Mr. Moose, what do you say about Mrs. Salmon here?"

"You are right, whale; don't be blue. Do you want to spout your story? Yes, you may." The moose was exercising his authority.

Photograph by Frank Carrara

"Sorry, salmon... But don't you worry. Your tale is excellent, short as it is - every bit as good as the bison's or serpent's. Look how everyone loves your story."

And sure enough, all eyes, shining in admiration, were on the salmon. But the hundred foot whale was 300,000 pounds and not to be ignored!

300,000 pounds!

"And you're not the only one who went to school, dearie. My school was not as large as your school in enrollment, but... Do you know that Valhalla the serpent was talking about? That immense hall of dazzling gold? They say it has 540 doors and each one so wide that 800 Homo sapien warriors, side by side, can walk through one of them. Well, that would be a TINY classroom for a school of us blue whales! Let me tell you a tale of MY alma mater."

Illustration by Higgins Bond