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The Hummingbird's Tale
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The Tern's Tale
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The Cricketary Tales of Jeffrey Jawser

Also there was a hen, a hummingbird,
The flyer most unique in all our herd.
Others would flutter, float, sail, wave in air;
She just hovered and hung without a prayer.
On her throat she longed to wear rubies red,
But all five husbands - each a feather head
All kept these jewels themselves. Yet she was gay,
And would eat, drink, flirt, mate each sunny day.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Next, all in orange and black, a Monarch came:
Danaus plexippus his royal name.
A wee king, slight as your versifier,
Yet no larger eclipsed him as a flyer.
Two thousand miles he'd fly if he took notion.
With no pause for rest he crossed the ocean -
The very sea I was thrown 'cross by storm.

Monarch Butterfly

A bear, all in fur coat now much too warm,
Was there, and she from home in polar ice
To join our throng had made much sacrifice.
Two darling, snow-white cubs she left behind.
And though to dog days she was disinclined,
On iceberg she floated, far as could be,
'Till it melted and she joined our company.

Two darling, snow-white cubs she left behind.