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The Cricketary Tales of Jeffrey Jawser

There was a funny duck there in that wood,
A source of mirth to all since childhood!
A duckling from the shell will open eyes
And madly dote upon first beast it spies,
Be it lion, bear, wolf, or bull, or monkey,
Wide-awake ape or dopey donkey!
Even to Homo sapien monster
The new-hatched chick will instantly transfer
Its love. Yes, whether mouse, hound or heifer
It follows her forever as its mother!
This all is true and I can well present
Witness and facts. But what astonishment!
This is a joke that made us laugh no end:
What mother did our chick misapprehend?
Of all the birds and beasts on earth, guess who? -
None other than our own caribou!
She who led circuits of the frozen North
(Head the herd, manage, govern, guide) - henceforth
Would show the way (one smiled at her luck)
To a strange quacking son, a daffy duck.

A DAFFY Duck! (drawing by Philip Rymer)

He was harlequin to our jolly crew
In colors all fantastic. Patch of blue
Here on his wing, his head a brilliant green;
Legs all bright red, derriere aquamarine.
And yet for all this he could fly. "My birth,"
Quoth he, "was odd, but the axis of the earth
I can determine, its magnetic field.
The sun, stars - all Nature's secrets yield
To my art. Near sixty miles an hour
I fly in migration. Such is my power."
Yes, for his skill did we this duck acclaim,
And for his fun! And Oscar was his name.

Oscar was his name!