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The Cricketary Tales of Jeffrey Jawser

At length they nosed the river of their birth
And began their uphill swim. With much mirth
Did they dare the current! The flood's power
Was vast, but still they swam six miles an hour.
Mile after long mile the cry was "HOME, HOME!"
And not even swift rapids of white foam
Could brake their swim. A roaring waterfall -
Not one but many, each terribly tall -
Splashed, tossed, battered, heaved, and hurled these fish!Yet with backbone and courage feverish
They did leap eight or ten feet in the air
Many times - falling back but not in despair,
Still throwing themselves against fierce water...
All for to spawn a son and daughter.

Drawing by Jurgen Ritter

No food had they taken on this great quest:
All energy was spent; now they undressed.
Layers of skin did peel away. These fish
Were senile now and spoke all gibberish.
Fine animals, once sparkling and sleek,
Had now aged thirty years in just one week.
And so most died. A few good specimen
Lived to do the whole thing over again.
Such a superior salmon was she
Who honored us to join our company.
What if she made us stride ever by streams?
On migration she was girl of our dreams.

Girl Of Our Dreams