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The Cricketary Tales of Jeffrey Jawser

A whale there was in our society,
Though you may wonder how one such as she
That lives in ocean full five fathom deep
Could ambulate with those of us who creep,
Climb, crawl, traverse the ground or claw the air
And yet not die from too much atmosphere.
But wonder on my many readers dear,
'Till time and my long tale make all things clear.
As all animals know and understand,
A whale is a mammal that walked on land
Pretty as you please even as do you
This very day! Back when the world was new
(Only a few very short years ago)
Whales tramped on feet just like the buffalo.
But from landlubbing life they made egress -
Why, where, and how is anybody's guess -
But as I can make it out GRAVITY
Was the force that pulled them back to the sea.
For from the sea - as certain you have learned -
Did all life spring. But whales one day returned
From life on land. They took one look around
And saw that every beast that treads the ground
Is pulled to that earth by unseen force:
Ground sloth, mastodon, eohippus horse,
Or dinosaur itself reach an end to size
Due to gravity. The cetaceans were wise:
Because in growth they wanted to be free,
They turned right around and marched back to sea.
And now in sea they reach such immense girth
That the Blue Whale is Titan of the Earth!

Drawing by Jim Channell

For what dinosaur can you quote or cite
Who boasted of one hundred feet in height?
What evidence is found in skeletons
To prove a beast once weighed two hundred tons?
The Blue Whale does - this is a certainty.
And all this for that she floats in salt sea.
But have we any right to just assume
That every whale emerging from a womb
Voted to return to the cold dark sea?
As we do may not whales disagree?
The fact is well grounded: at least a score
Of whales elected to remain on shore.
And of these dissidents who stayed on land
One did dissent enough to join our band.
Or may it not be that once ebbed to the sea,
With its great pressures and rapacity,
At least one with mind in agitation
Quit the sea to join our aggregation?
That this happened is as certain as God -
A whale left sea again to join our squad.

Drawing by Norman Weaver