The Cricketary Tales of Jeffrey Jawser
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Serpent: Page Four

I have told you of the giants' great bulk
And also how God Thor compared in size.
But to be brief: contrast to the sun's great hulk
Two facets of the insect's compound eyes.
This you should imagine and must realize.
And yet Thor with his hammer and his will
Every last giant did crush and kill!

"But what's all this to us?" you'll ask of me.
Dear fish and fowl, you'll be amused to learn
A SERPENTINE twist lies in my story:
Thor who slew all giants was slain in turn.
He was bit and with venom did he burn.
All the world should know - now make no mistake:
The mighty god Thor was killed by a snake!

The Snake that Killed Thor

The snake's name was The Serpent of Midgard.
He wrapped 'round the globe with tail in his mouth.

This snake could SWALLOW  the whole earth!

But even beyond the skill of THIS bard
Is the tale of his contours north to south!
He lived in the sea 'tween fire and drouth.
Longer than the gods in longevity,
Stronger than the giants just as certainly.

The Midgard Serpent loomed up from the deep.
No question now but it was the world's end.
Vast wildfires over great mountains did sweep,
Snow covered all and icy winds did rend
The earth. All dark: sun did its light suspend!
Giants rumbled to the battlefield in scores.
Every lake, sea, and river burst its shores.

Uncounted giants crossed the rainbow-bridge,
And all colors collapsed beneath their weight.
But most traversed and stumbled to the ridge
On which arose Valhalla's golden gate.
There armed Valkyries and heroes did await.

Drawing by Elinore Blaisdell

Fiercely fought these valiant souls 'gainst odds.
But for naught: it was Twilight of the Gods!