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The Cricketary Tales of Jeffrey Jawser

This occurs rarely. Only one time in five million will a cow bring a white bison into the world. And although Homo sapiens always glorify the event, to the bison it invariably points the road to ruin.

One such birth was followed by a terrifying blizzard - a blinding, never-ending snowstorm that caused 100,000 bison to stampede over a cliff and plunge to death. Another white calf symbolized ice - river ice that collapsed drowning thousands.

A horrible prairie fire burned and blinded countless bison: hair singed, eyes swollen, skin shriveled. Entire herds were left lame, dying and roasted alive. This black fate followed the birth of a white calf.

But the latest albino was especially ominous. No ordinary dark eyes for him: his were blue/gray. His fur was snow-white. We gave him the name "Bad Medicine."

Early in his career this young savage married his mother. With full knowledge, I say! He had not the excuse of Addapuss. The bull Addapuss was ignorant of his mother's identity. She was a cow he took for his wife in all innocence.

But Bad Medicine KNOWINGLY mated his mother: mounted her and sired a calf even in that womb in which he himself was born. "The same ample shelter sufficed for father and son." This sowed the seeds of a disaster so enormous that never in all our history stretching back to the Pliocene was such bloodshed known.

Bad Medicine, as it turned out - our latest and accursed white buffalo - was portent of the WHITE Homo sapien. The red Homo sapien we had known for countless generations. Though in his erratic worship he often turned on us, still we thrived. Imagine a herd one hundred miles wide and with a length beyond calculation. Even my friends here, the moose and caribou, cannot conceive this. Yet in such multitudes did the white Homo sapien discover us! They could only compare our numbers to locusts in flight, or to fish in the sea.

Before we knew what hit us we were boiled down to a crushed little knot not much larger than this small circle here attending to my tale!

White Homo sapiens! Delirious hunters hounding bison with glee, hacking them to pieces! Rotting carcasses, putrid and flyblown, scattered rubbish across the plains. Iron horses pausing in their run to permit riders with thundering sticks to kill us for their pleasure!

Kill As Many As You Can!