The Cricketary Tales of Jeffrey Jawser
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The Locusts on Migration
The Poet's Introduction
The Bison's Tale
The Serpent's Tale
The Salmon's Tale
A Whale of a Tale
The Hummingbird's Tale
The Tern's Tale
The Toad's Tale
The Butterfly's Tale
The Moth's Tale
The Frog's Tale
The Swallow's Tale
The Bat's Tale
The Duck's Tale


The Kakiyana (The Moose's Tale)
Mystic and Materialist (The Spider's Tale)
King of the Jhynese Insects (Polar Bear's Tale)
The Chosen Reptiles (The Turtle's Tale)
The Drunken Dromedary (The Caribou's Tale)
The Glory That Was Grease (The Cricket's Tale)

Part Three: THE TRIAL

A Waste of Shame
The Quality of Mercy

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