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The Locusts on Migration
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The Serpent's Tale
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The Salmon's Tale
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The Hummingbird's Tale
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The Tern's Tale
Tern: Page Two
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The Cricketary Tales of Jeffrey Jawser

It only remains now to sonnetize
The moose - trailblazer of this company!
For each bird and beast here with courtesy
Felt this big brown brute we should deputize.
"He weighs more than a ton; let's authorize,"
We said, "him to rule when we disagree.
Yes, those who fall to animosity,
And scrap and brawl, the moose shall penalize."
And so we were content to cast our vote
On this hump-shouldered beast seven feet tall.
Each of us felt secure in his command.
Though he dined in water, he kept afloat
Our plans and dreams - disputes he did forestall.
And so our band of pilgrims crossed the land...

Our Leader