The Cricketary Tales of Jeffrey Jawser


Table of Contents
Translator with Jeffrey
The Locusts on Migration
Migration: Page Two
Migration: Page Three
Migration: Page Four
The Poet's Introduction
Intro: Page Two
Intro: Page Three
Intro: Page Four
Intro: Page Five
Intro: Page Six
Intro: Page Seven
Intro: Page Eight
Intro: Page Nine
Intro: Page Ten
Intro: Page Eleven
Intro: Page Twelve
Intro: Page Thirteen
The Bison's Tale
Bison: Page Two
Bison: Page Three
Bison: Page Four
The Serpent's Tale
Serpent: Page Two
Serpent: Page Three
Serpent: Page Four
Serpent: Page Five
The Salmon's Tale
Salmon: Page Two
Salmon: Page Three
A Whale of a Tale
Whale: Page Two
Whale: Page Three
Whale: Page Four
Whale: Page Five
Whale: Page Six
Whale: Page Seven
Whale: Page Eight
Whale: Page Nine
Hey, it's me again...
The Hummingbird's Tale
Hummingbird: Page Two
Hummingbird: Page Three
Hummingbird: Page Four
Hummingbird: Page Five
Hummingbird: Page Six
Hey, it's me again...

...the guy from the Prologue. You know - the "second rate writer" who made friends with the cricket Jeffrey. What great good luck that I was able to translate into English Jawser's endless chirps. It wasn't easy! But it was sure worth it. I just learned that a nine-year-old boy, Benjamin, is enjoying Jeffrey's tales. Wait 'till I tell that crafty old cricket! And Benjamin is a kid who, in visiting his grandparents, traveled out here to California all by himself from Massachusetts! Sure hope Benjamin stays with the story. We sure need more readers like him. Benjamin is a traveler, just like the twenty animals on migration here. Let's see where these creatures are off to now, and what tales they're telling...

Clich here and let's go off to the Humminbird's Tale...