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Page Three

The journal looks good now: only a couple pages missing.


The most glorious day ever on the March! Early in the morning, as I walk recording on my tape machine, I think I hear familiar words. Can it be? Am I hearing a mirage in the desert? No - I mean yes: it's Shakespeare! I race forward and sure enough eight Marchers are reading The Tempest out loud as they walk. A few minutes after I pull alongside, they finish reading. But when they see me jump all over them, they start to read all over again - with me as Prospero! They ask ME to read Prospero - the role actors wait a lifetime to play. Walking across the desert, with a heavy pack on a hot day, I'm Prospero. And side by side with me is a lovely Ariel. We read through the entire play, the SECOND TIME around for all the others. Incredible! Are there people on this March who love Shakespeare TWICE as much as I do? The other marchers, amused and amazed, smile at us. A reporter from The LA Times takes pictures of us. God, I was happy on this March before, but now... now I want to cry for joy. Shakespeare on the Great Peace March!


Still more hot, dry, dusty walking: miles and miles 'cross barren sand. April Fool's Day. I entertain myself with my tape machine, listening to a radio show I did back home at KKUP. Its my three-hour Louis Armstrong Show - Satchmo blowing in the Mojave Desert! But I have a cold this evening so early I go to sleep.


A cold morning: gloves on hands and all bundled up. But a tremendous breakfast of kasha and cornmeal, terrific fruit salad with herb tea, plus large, fresh, superb strawberries. An eighteen-mile walk! Standing on a hill I spot Ariel, the Peace March girl of my dreams. Coming together we slap hands. But God how I want to clap her in my arms. What a beauty in every way!

But what's this mirage in the desert? Ice cream! Gallons of strawberry and chocolate chip ice cream materializing out of hot sand. How did all this ice cream make its way through the endless desert? It's a miracle wrought by Don Wright, a supporter from Simi Valley. But, fanatic that I am, I spurn the sumptuous treat, for I am a VEGAN, one of many on this March. Ah well, as we enter Nevada we have a big party for the California Highway Patrol. What a cake! But is IT vegan?


Dirtiest day on the March! Strong, swirling winds blow tons of dust over everything. I take my first shower since Barstow and change into clean clothes; I'm dressed head to toe in white. But it's all for naught: I'm filthy in five minutes. All the more so since I sat and staffed the Media Table for three hours. Insufferable sand! A film of filth lies on my food; I'm eating grit. But just as it was the dirtiest day it also contained my most shining hour. I'm in a tent with Dan, Gus, and Geoff reading Shakespeare. And with Ariel! She places her hand on my knee. I do the same to her. The thrill is so terrific I'm afraid to look into her eyes for fear I'll give it all away.

The winds finally leave and a warm starry night ensues. I have herb tea with Guy Colwell and share with him my excitement over my new love, my Ariel.


Another windy, filthy day in camp so I leave with fifty others on a bus for Las Vegas. Cramped ride but lots of fun as we drive down The Strip shouting out all the names of the neon sign casinos: "Sands... Circus Circus!" Later, a tremendous affair at Heritage Hall in the Black part of town. The Love All People Chorus and our own Peace March musicians. Jesse Jackson greets us warmly on the phone. Again it's the Black people who love and support us. I busily record it all. Ariel approaches and affectionately reproaches me: "Why are you always working?" Come on and dance, she teases. That clinches it! This is one fine wonderful girl. I do dance with her, just a bit until someone cuts in and waltzes her away. But not before we gaze at each other with blissful smiles.

Heritage Hall, Las Vegas