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Page Six


I sing all the way on a long hot walk to an Indian reservation. Another river! A shallow one but we all dip our desert-dry bodies in bracing, cleansing water. And what a spread the Shivwits put down for us! I speak to some of the Paiute women and record them on tape.


Fantastic day! Perfect walking weather. Our little group at the head of the line sings for hours. Soon as we arrive at camp, a bunch of us pile into a little van and drive off to a hot spring - Pah Tempe, a glorious hot spring with rushing streams of hot sulfur water and even hot waterfalls. Six of us - Margo, Roberta, Ric, Warren, Cindi and I - toast each other with sparkling apple juice. We sit in the hot pool and toast the glittering Great Peace March. We toast all of effervescent life!


And then there's death. First thing this morning a dreadful announcement issues from the bullhorn: one of our Marchers just died. Cynthia Carlson, twenty-four years old, was killed while riding in the back of an open truck. It rolled over on the highway. Every one is terribly subdued. We all bunch together, arms around each other. Because I have kitchen duty I don't walk today. Instead I work all day cleaning the huge refrigerator truck, then load it with tons of produce. But heavier than all these boxes are the hearts of the Peace Marchers today.

In the evening I help serve supper. But I don't want to sleep alone in my tent tonight, so I go to the big Orange Town Tent and sleep with Flossie and other OY neighbors... with singing pals Freda and Marilee. Freda finds a way to end the day on a happy note: she sings very funny songs, playful, wisecracking songs - in Yiddish!


A very cold morning, fifteen degrees. Big breakfast as always and while I'm in line eating, Jim Bottini taps me on the shoulder. My colleague from KKUP Cupertino! His second visit to the March already. But how'd he find us in this Utah wilderness? On tape Jim interviews me along with Pauline from Holland.

The day warms up real fast and we sing all day - maybe two hundred songs! Yeah, I'm singing my heart out all day every day. The weather is gorgeous now, and I'm seeing glorious country - walking across it! I have dozens of friends, and I've fallen in love TWICE. What if one left the March and the other... - well, I guess I'm too old for the other. Still, this March is young, isn't it? It is only April. Who knows what lies ahead?

March with Anarchist Flag