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...are in and they are fantastic!

"The book is gorgeous! What a professional job! It looks great."

"Handsome, touching, exhilarating..."

"Most impressive! I read it hungrily."

"I screamed with laughter."

"It moved me to tears. The book is so fabulous. The narrative and poetry - wonderful writing! It is very emotional reading."

"It is terrific! Thank you, thank you. I never expected to see a book about Wo-Chi-Ca... - and such a wonderful one at that!"

"Thank you for making such a first class, I mean working class, beautiful book. It is really a work of art besides all the wonderful comments and sharp photos."

"Congratulations! It is a remarkable epic tale. It reads like a fantasy... except, except... it is a true story. Heroes, villains, the slow tragic descent... A Greek tragedy! Thanks for telling us the story. It is now required reading for my children."

"Fine book - lots of courage."

"What a wonderful book and story! I will circulate it amongst many friends! The dreams and stories it represents will be passed far and wide! Thank you ever so much for writing this important book."

Your book is brimming over with important historical information that needs to be told! So many wonderful stories... Its not just about a radical leftist camp; its about the struggle for racial equality, freedom to believe what you know to be true, and the search for a social utopia. These ideas are just as pertinent now as they were fifty years ago if not more so! This work of art is a shining example of years of painstaking research and diligent story collecting. The stories in Tales of Wo-Chi-Ca are so heartfelt they nearly brought me to tears.

"A delight!" THE NATION magazine

How do I get a copy?