Hot Springs
June and Gene

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Our number one hobby is hot springs. We've been to dozens and hope to write a book about these glorious places.

Keough Hot Ditch, California

Don't these pictures convey the joy of soaking in a hot spring? What? Do we have friends who have never been to one? Let's go and soak together! Email us or call us but let's arrange a trip - anytime, anywhere! For our part, we'll go to the ends of the earth and jump into the mouth of a fuming volcano just to soak in a hot spring.

Seriously, we'd like to soak in one big hot spring with all the friends we have in the world. And we know just the place - it's in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and it's three city blocks long! You can see pictures of this great place and many others at a site called - neat slide shows of many hot springs. Want to see them? Contact us for the password.

Penny Hot Spring in Colorado

Above you see us at Penny Hot Spring in Colorado. This is a so-called "wild spring," not a resort that charges a fee, but a place in the country uncrowded and free. From a fissure in the hillside comes burning hot water; the river flowing by is ice cold. The mixture of the two is heaven!

Mud at Travertine: Bridgeport, CA

Smear volcanic mud over your body and face. Let it dry in the sun. This is the "facial" women pay fifty bucks for in a beauty parlor: all impurities are drawn out through the pores. When the mud is all baked and cracked, wash it off in delicious hot mineral water.

Franklin Hot Spring, Paso Robles

My, don't we look happy and healthy when we go to a hot spring! In that healing water aches and pains and even years melt away. See you at the next spring down the road!